Louise Gelderblom Ceramic Artist“I make large-scale one-off original sculptural vessels, which retain a strong element of traditional African craft production methods while embracing a modern global urban aesthetic. My working methods are firmly rooted in the vibrant African clay tradition. Each piece is unique and hand made. I mostly coil and pinch, because then it feels like I am busy drawing in three dimensions. The shape of the piece and the surface markings on it create a rhythmic, percussion beat that I think of as a wordless tactile language. Every piece is signed, numbered and documented. It is my mission to forge and maintain a space for the unique and the hand made, and to maintain the integrity of and respect for the traditional art worker, in an increasingly commoditised world.”

Louise Gelderblom has a BAFA from the University of Stellenbosch, where she specialized in graphic art and design, and photography. Her interest in ceramics developed over a number of years and since 1992 she has focused primarily on the production of fine art ceramics that blur the boundaries between the ornamental, the functional and the conceptual. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the inaugural South African EDIDA award for Best Craft Producer. The emphasis in the studio is on the production of high quality art pieces, rather than large numbers of simplified forms. The sizes range from 70cm to 250cm for the vessels and composite totems.

The studio is situated in the heart of Cape Town, which makes it very accessible for professionals in the design industry, as well as collectors and tourists. It is very experienced in preparing work for freight to international destinations.



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