An archive of my older work, no longer for sale.

  • 2016_38
  • 2016_31
    82cm high
  • 2013_02
    38cm diameter
  • 2016_41
  • 2016_39
    38cm diameter  SOLD
  • 2016_36
    38cm diameter
  • 2016_35
  • 2016_34
    38cm diameter
  • 2016_33
    38cm diameter
  • 2016_32
    38cm diameter
  • 2014_56
    Lovely oval vessel with grey washes. About 72cm tall
  • 2014_52
    70cm tall oval vessel with pierced holes.
  • 2014_28
    80cm tall piece with a lot of painted pattern in distinct, but quite muted colours.
  • 2014_25
    A large, jazzy piece to satisfy a recent obsession I had to use brighter colours and in particular blush pink.
  • 38cm diameter plate
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2016_37
  • 2015_39
  • 2015_37
  • Plates with words
    In my previous life I was a graphic designer... These are plates I made recently with hand drawn typography of phrases that were in my head at the time....
  • 2016_65
    A classic large white vessel, 80cm tall
  • 2016_47
    A slightly retro number, 67cm tall
  • 2014_63
    A very special piece with leaves in different greens
    These impressive pieces are 250cm tall. I only make totems to order.
  • 2016_64
    A special piece that started with thoughts about a jug, but took on a life of it's own.52cm tall.  
    Part of a range of oversized lamp bases for a project in Kenya.
    Ideal size for tourists, because they are small enough to take in hand luggage. 55cm tall. SOLD      
  • 2016_73
    63cm tall, with finger printing on a blue background and sgraffito markings
  • 2016_72
    77cm tall. 
  • 2015_38 - One view
    A four sided pot on little legs, which started with lots of structured line work and got a freestyle whitish make-over.
  • 2015_38 - ANOTHER VIEW
    Additional view of my freestyle, 4 sided pot on little legs
  • 2017_07
    38cm diameter
  • 2017_09
    38cm diameter
  • 2017_11
    38cm diameter
  • 2017_12
    38cm diameter
  • 2016_74
    18cm high
  • 2016_76
    22cm high
  • 2016_77
    21cm high
  • 2017_05
    76cm Tall
  • 2017_06
    79 cm high  
  • 2017_17
    68cm high
  • 2017_15
    48cm high    
  • 2015_13
    38cm wide
  • 2017_20
    75cm high
  • 2015_55
    81cm high
  • I've been doing some life drawing!
     A1 drawing in pastels and charcoal.
  • 2017_24
    14cm high little pot inspired by antique stoneware ginger jars
  • 2017_22
    12cm high little pot inspired by antique stoneware ginger jars
  • 2017_21
    14cm high little pot inspired by antique stoneware ginger jars
  • 2017_26
    View of open lidded box, 22cm high. Titled “Salted. cloven hoofed horny woman box”: An accurate description if you are going to use it to store salt.
  • 2017_28
    43cm high. Read more about the making of this piece on
  • 2017_41
    Small Pinch pot
  • 2017_46
    "king Kong" pinch pot
  • 2017_43
    Large neural vessel, combining painterly surfaces and my love of stripes. 80cm tall
  • 2017_29
    60cm tall curvy number in white and light grey
  • 2017_30
    58cm tall narrow vessel in black and white
  • Maximalist approach with my work
    A recent display by Thomas Boog featuring of my pieces.
  • 2017_10
    49cm tall crackled vessel
  • Emma. Mixed media drawing
    Part of my ongoing KIMONO series. A1. Charcoal, pastel, 300g Munken Pure.
  • Liz. Mixed media drawing
    Part of my ongoing KIMONO series. 300g Munken Pure.
  • Libby. Mixed media drawing
    Part of my ongoing KIMONO series. 300g Munken Pure.
  • Lorna. Mixed media drawing
    Part of my ongoing KIMONO series. 300g Munken Pure.
  • 2017_55
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_04
    38cm plate
  • 2018_18
    44cm x 32cm freeform plate
  • 2018_40
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_44
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_45
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_47
    38cm plate
  • 2018_50
    46cm free form plate
  • 2018_52_plate
    38cm plate
  • 2018_53
    38cm plate
  • Breakfast set for 100%Design Cape Town
    Breakfast set for 100%Design Cape Town exhibition
  • 2018_35
    68cm tall oval vessel with textured surface
  • 2017_18
    50cm high
  • 2018_55
    33cm high bowl
  • 2018_64
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_57
    73cm tall stoneware vessel
  • 2018_61
    23cm tall vessel with textured indigo surface
  • 2018_58
    23cm high vessel with indigo washes and black sgraffito drawings
  • 2018_59
    22cm tall vessel with indigo floral drawing
  • 2018_60
    23cm tall vessel with indigo and black painted drawing and sgraffito linework
  • 2018_62
    24cm tall vessel with texture and indigo colouring
  • Indigo floral vessels
    I loved making these. It felt like a perfect intersection between my work on paper and my work on clay. Even though they are smaller, and have flowers on...
  • 2018_70
    78cm high, classic shape.
  • 2018_67
    78cm high piece from my series "NOT A FLOWER POT"
  • 2018_68
    72cm piece from my series NOT A FLOWER POT.
  • 2018_72
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_95
    38cm diameter plate
  • 2018_96
    38cm diameter plate. "Wat maak jy?" Translated: "What are you doing?"
  • 2018_48
    78cm tall
  • 2018_81
    71cm tall oval vessel: wider than it is deep
  • 2018_97
    70cm tall oval vessel: wider than it is deep
  • 2018_82
    68cm tall oval vessel
  • 2018_101
    70cm tall oval vessel: wider than it is deep
  • 2018_93
    58cm tall stoneware vessel
  • 2018_92
    60cm tall stoneware vessel
  • 2018_91
    63cm tall stoneware vessel
  • Stoneware group
    Stoneware vessels in a team!
  • 2018_90
    56cm tall stoneware vessel
  • 2019_02
    72cm high vessel with sgraffito markings
  • Totem
    Terracotta, white and blush totem. 2.4m tall. SOLD.
  • White textured totem
    Textured white totem ,240cm tall. SOLD.
  • Stripy totem in the studio.
    Stripy totem in the studio. Black and white, but moving from darker lower down to lighter at the top. SOLD.
  • Totem with little windows
    This guy is sort of "see through" with narrow windows cut into it. It gives a very interesting effect when you soo such a monumental piece, but with light...
  • My assistant, Paul, is a tall guy!
    Totem with windows (and studio workers stretching on either side!) SOLD.
  • 2 totems chatting to one another.
    ...alternatively they are competing for fabulosity. About 240cm tall. SOLD and SOLD
  • Shorter totem
    1.6m tall. SOLD
  • Another shorter totem
    I am not really a media-wild person, but sometimes it is useful to pose with a totem to give a bit of context. I am 168cm tall, for instance....
  • Two restrained guys
    Each about 240cm tall. SOLD
    215cm tall. Easy to freight and assemble. Available only from my studio. Made to order.
  • 2019_05
    25cm wide little plate, which started as a portrait of an elegant woman and then got stripped down to this version. Aptly called FUGLY, and yet utterly charming.
  • 2019_06
    38cm wide plate. I really love this one!
  • 2019_08
    39cm diameter platter with upright walls.
  • 2019_09
    30cm wide open bowl. A set of these would be fabulous. Let me know if you'd like to commission a set.
  • 2019_10
    24cm wide. Sometimes one feels like this, right?
  • 2019_07
    38cm diameter. When I look at it, I think of midnight in the garden of good and evil.
  • 2019_17
    Two different views to enjoy. This is the olive side.71cm high
  • 2019_17
    The brighter green side of this chameleon! 71cm tall
  • 2019_24
    73cm tall
  • 2019_28
    You can take this guy anywhere. 70cm tall
  • 2019_29
    A versatile piece with 2 different views. 70cm high
  • 2019_29
    A versatile piece with two different looks on either side. 70cm tall
  • 2019_34
    A jazzy monochromatic pot. 72cm tall
  • Paris collection 2019
  • Two totems to end 2019
  • 2020_04
    71cm Tall Oval Beauty